Rain and snow and s’mores…oh, my!

INCONGRUOUS: lacking consistency within itself

As expected, last weekend’s camping trip provided ample blogging fodder. When I look back, I am struck by the incongruity between the facts and my feelings.


18 adults and 20 children drove to Mt. Rainier National Park for a weekend camping adventure.   The youngest child was six months old.  Terrible traffic added hours to most family’s commutes.  It rained…a lot.   Most meals and conversations occurred huddled together under tarps of various sizes and colors.  Adult beverages were consumed.  It was cold at night.  While families were hiding out in a nearby park lodge to stay warm and dry, it began to snow.  14 grown ups and 16 children left early.


I had fun!  It was an absolute joy to watch the children frolic in the woods together.  Armed with rain coats and a sense of adventure, I’m not even sure they noticed the weather.  Their joy, optimism and energy were contagious.  I am reasonably certain most of us would do it again.  Admittedly, I’m also reasonably certain everyone was excited to see their warm and dry houses.

When the weekend was over, one of the kids asked his mom if we could do it again…but requested that we check the weather forecast first.

My sentiments exactly!


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