The Upside of Blogging

UPSIDE: a positive aspect

Blogging has made me a silver lining kind of girl.

For example, Son’s preschool is going on a camping trip this weekend.  Forty people – twenty of them not yet old enough to brush their teeth without supervision.  The forecast says there is a 70-percent chance of rain.  The highs will be in the fifties; lows in the thirties.  Fun, no?

As our departure for this crazy adventure nears, I just can’t help but think that even if we have terrible weather and wish we’d never gone…at least I’ll have something to write about on Monday!


One thought on “The Upside of Blogging

  1. Heh. Having been camping on many a less-than-ideal-weather weekend, I can’t help but wonder if you’re in Michigan! I hope it went well, though, and I’m looking forward to reading more here – I’m always up for hearing of other parents’ foibles and grand successes.

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