Father’s Day – In Their Words

INTERVIEW: a meeting at which information is obtained from a person


Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Son (5½):  Cause it’s like having an extra birthday for grown ups.

Daughter (3): Because I like it!


What kind of present do you think Daddy wants for Father’s Day?

Son: A book.  Like, some sort of Encyclopedia Britannica kind of book.

Daughter: Some paper.


What are some of the things Daddy does for our family?

Son: He plays with us.  Also, he fixes stuff and vacuums the floor sometimes.

Daughter: He reads books and tells us lizard stories.  He gives us back rubs.


Me:  How is your dad different from other dads?

Son: He lives in our house.

Daughter: His talking.


How much does Daddy love you?

Son: As much as 90 giraffes in a row.

Daughter: So much!


How much do you love Daddy?

Son: Half as big as the earth.

Daughter: Every night.


What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

Son: Playing with him and making stuff with him.

Daughter: Play animals.


What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do with you?

Son:  I think it is to race me and going somewhere with me.

Daughter: Hug me.


What is the best thing about Daddy?

Son:  The best thing is that he loves me so much.

Daughter: Jumping.  And flying.


Anything else you want to tell me about Daddy?

Son: He does not like when I set my alarm for the middle of the night and sleep through it because it wakes him up completely.

Daughter: He’s in the living room.


10 thoughts on “Father’s Day – In Their Words

  1. Lol… I loved your son’s answer for how different is your dad from other dad’s… “He lives in our house.” Children are wonderful about taking
    what adults, would consider a complicated question and make it so simple with their answer.

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