Morning Monologues

SALUTATION: an expression of greeting, goodwill, or courtesy by word, gesture, or ceremony

For the past two days, Daughter’s typical morning greetings have been replaced with random monologues.

Daughter’s first words yesterday:
“Brother, I need to talk to you about something you’re not supposed to do.  Don’t drink my babies’ milk!  The milk is for the babies.  And the cows.  And the puppets.  But it’s not for you!  So, don’t drink my babies’ milk.”

Daughter’s first words today:

“We need to let the chickens out of the coop.  I want them to eat all of the bugs in the backyard.  Let them out of the coop so they can eat the bugs.  They will think the bugs taste like candy and pizza.”

I’d like a “Good Morning” appetizer before the reprimand and demand courses are served, please.


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