If I’ve done it once…

MYRIAD: a great number

It has come to my attention that this is my 100th post.  When I first realized that, I thought “Wow!  There aren’t very many things I’ve done one hundred times.”  But, upon further reflection I realized that there are heaps of things I’ve done one hundred times:

  1. Changed a dirty diaper.
  2. Ignored a diaper for long enough to be disqualified from “Mother of the Year.”
  3. Fallen asleep while praying.
  4. Fallen asleep while reading a book.
  5. Fallen asleep while watching a movie.
  6. Lied to my mother.
  7. Used a swear word.
  8. Written a thank you note.
  9. Griped about people who fail to RSVP.
  10. Camped in the rain.
  11. Burned a marshmallow on purpose.
  12. Eaten too many s’mores.
  13. Kissed a boy.
  14. Kissed a man.
  15. Made bread.
  16. Baked chocolate chip cookies.
  17. Cooked macaroni and cheese from a box.
  18. Pet a cat.
  19. Avoided a dog.
  20. Collected eggs from my chickens.
  21. Lost myself in a good book.
  22. Started a book I didn’t finish.
  23. Mowed the lawn.
  24. Rolled my eyes.
  25. Used my middle finger while driving.
  26. Changed my clothes more than twice in a day.
  27. Regretted wearing high heels.
  28. Regretted wearing flip-flops.
  29. Imagined living in another country.
  30. Read Dr. Suess’s ABC book.
  31. Hiked in the woods.
  32. Played hooky.
  33. Stayed quiet when I should have spoken up.
  34. Spoken up when I should have stayed quiet.
  35. Danced in public.
  36. Lip synced in church.
  37. Belted a song in the privacy of my car.
  38. Stayed up too late doing “one more piece” of a puzzle.
  39. Eaten dessert before dinner.
  40. Bought something I shouldn’t have.
  41. Forgotten to eat breakfast.
  42. Slept in a hostel.
  43. Cried.
  44. Re-gifted a bottle of wine.
  45. Screened a phone call.
  46. Said “yes” when I should have said “no.”
  47. Said “no” when I should have said “yes.”
  48. Felt lonely.
  49. Wrote a poem.
  50. Sipped hot tea.
  51. Rocked in a rocking chair.
  52. Wiggled my toes in the sand.
  53. Picked a wedgie.
  54. Eaten food left out longer than recommended by the health department.
  55. Mixed hot chocolate with my coffee.
  56. Tasted bad wine.
  57. Tasted good beer.
  58. Used “the look” on my children.
  59. Said something that made me sound just like my mother.
  60. Forgotten a friend’s birthday.
  61. Wrote a letter I didn’t send.
  62. Let dinner dishes stay on the table for hours after dinner.
  63. Skipped flossing.
  64. Eaten more than one donut in a sitting.
  65. Gone grocery shopping while hungry.
  66. Laughed at an off-color joke.
  67. Told an off-color joke.
  68. Hung up on a telemarketer.
  69. Scratched a mosquito bite.
  70. Called my children by the wrong names.
  71. Been called by the wrong name.
  72. Pouted when I didn’t get my way.
  73. Overreacted.
  74. Comforted a friend.
  75. Executed a random act of kindness.
  76. Stopped to watch the sunset.
  77. Hosted guests for dinner.
  78. Sent a hand-made card.
  79. Accelerated when the light turned yellow.
  80. Driven too fast.
  81. Inhaled deeply after the rain.
  82. Put clothes in the dryer instead of ironing.
  83. Spit.
  84. Found a typo right after pressing “send” on an email.
  85. Worn chipped nail polish.
  86. Got the giggles.
  87. Eaten too many gummy bears.
  88. Forgot something on my grocery list.
  89. Said “I love you.”
  90. Hugged a friend.
  91. Laughed when my child did something naughty.
  92. Made a to-do list.
  93. Procrastinated.
  94. Rode the bus.
  95. Visited the library.
  96. Eavesdropped on strangers.
  97. Put something in the garbage that should have been recycled.
  98. Thrown something away that I wanted later.
  99. Bought myself flowers.
  100. Watched my children sleep.

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