The Poet’s Pen

PLAIN: undecorated; characterized by simplicity  

Held tightly by determined fingers

Fulfilling a higher purpose than could be conceived

By those who assembled your parts

You are simple

Not elegant

Without metallic flourish or substantial weight

And yet, your product is of great value

Your colleagues use their power to transfer funds

They remind housewives to buy sugar

But you, you use your power to change lives

To profess love

To capture grief

To freeze the sun and stop the wind

You are plain

And yet

You provide a window to a stranger’s soul

Vision for the blind

A voice for previously mute insights

You are a spotlight shining on the human condition

You reveal the details

The beauty

The pain

The flaws

Without you, melodies and cadence would remain shackled


Take pride in your work

The most elegant of your peers could not do better


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