Three-Year-Old in the House!

MILESTONE: a significant point in development

Daughter turned three on Saturday.  Three!

She requested a rainbow cake:

The time has gone so fast.  Faster than it went with Son.  I think the hustle and bustle of two children is to blame.  There simply aren’t the same number of hours available for afternoon snuggles and leisurely wandering.  My attention is divided.   There are so many milestones that have surprised me with Daughter.

Like the first time I watched her put together a puzzle.   I thought it was the first time she’d touched a puzzle and was flabbergasted at the skill and speed with which she assembled the picture.   We have a genius!  Turns out, she and Son had been practicing during “nap” time.  She’s smart…just not “call Harvard this second” smart.

Or the time Son initiated a game of hide-and-seek and Daughter closed her eyes and counted to ten.  I had no idea she knew her numbers.  But, counting to ten is the currency of play.  So, she mastered the sequence and spent her skill joyfully participating in a big kid activity.

As the second-born, she has lived a different pace.  Her milestones have not had the singular attention that her brother’s did.  But they are meaningful to me.  I savor her milestones in a different way.  Sure, I’ve celebrated my child’s third birthday before.  But, I will not do it again.  Daughter is my last child.  What her milestones lack in originality, they make up for in sentimentality.

Welcome to the tumultuous threes little one.  I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you!


4 thoughts on “Three-Year-Old in the House!

  1. Beautifully poignant, and as usual, you have put into words the same thoughts and feelings I have had about my own child #2. Extreme sentimentality and/or a monumental hormone surge kicked in and child #3 (who we had sworn not to have) arrived 5 years later. I have loved watching every moment of her growing up and might have gone for #4 and #5 as well, if the sleep-deprived voice of reason (Hubby) hadn’t spoken up. 🙂

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