Graduation Day

BITTERSWEET: pleasure alloyed with pain

It’s graduation day.  Preschool graduation, that is.  It’s bittersweet.  Son started the day announcing, “It’s graduation day!”  Then, he crawled in bed with me to snuggle and said, “I’m excited…and sad.”  I agree.

For the last four years, Son has attended co-op preschool.  Next year, he’ll be in Kindergarten.  Today is a celebration.  Son has four years of loving, nurturing school experience under his belt.  Four years of playing, negotiating, sharing.  Four years of social and emotional skill building.  Now he’s heading to Kindergarten.  I know he’s ready.  I know we’ve chosen a good elementary school.  I know good things are ahead.

But, I also know that it’s the end of an era.  For the past four years we’ve known all the children and the families at Son’s school.  We’ve had dinners, attended parties, swapped holiday cards.  They delivered meals when Daughter was born and I returned the favor when they added to their families.  When difficulties came – in the form of death, surgery, or divorce – we closed ranks and offered support.  It has been a village.

Today, Son graduates.  But, in a way our whole family does too.  We move on to the bigger world of elementary school.  Sure, we’ll know some families…but not all.  Son’s teacher will know him, but he won’t have twenty caring adults who indulge him when he wants to be called “Buzz” for several months or listen attentively to his latest bug facts.  I won’t get emails about an interesting thing he said or did at school.

It’s time to move on.  It’s developmentally appropriate (for both of us).

But it’s still sad.

2 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Such a good post. I remember feeling the same way when my dudes finished preschool. Next year I will have a fifth grader, and at the end of the year I will have to see him to the middle school. Time flies too fast sometimes!

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