Manipulating Murphy

ADAGE: a saying often in metaphorical form that embodies a common observation

During my work session at Son’s school this week, the parents were banished from circle time so that the kids could plan a surprise for the graduation ceremony.  During our gab fest in the other room, one mom mentioned that her infant daughter hadn’t pooped in days.

[The fact that talking about stools seems like a normal thing to do when given the opportunity to chat un-interrupted with other grown-ups is evidence of just how far down the rabbit hole I’ve fallen.]

A wise mom with older children didn’t skip a beat before replying, “Oh, just put on a crisp white shirt, nice pants, do your hair, and make a dinner reservation.  Then, pick her up and she’ll have a blow-out.”

So. Stinking. True.

I often curse Murphy’s Law.  Murphy gets the best of me often.  But, this changes everything.  I don’t know how I failed to think of this before.  I just need to use my opponent’s strength to my advantage.

Watch out Murphy…I’m coming for you!


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