And, They’re Off!

AWAKE: fully conscious, alert, and aware; not asleep

It’s 6:32 am.  Already this morning Son and Daughter have:

Snubbed their noses at the breakfast offers from already awake Daddy in favor of the same options from previously sleeping Mommy.  Apparently, my cereal pouring skills are top-notch.  They are discerning clients.

Discovered that one of them received two stickers while the other received four from the dentist last week.  This discovery served as a starting point for Son’s list of life injustices.

Engaged in several rounds of:

My name is Jon Johnson,
I come from Wisconsin.
I work in the lumberyard there.

When I walk down the street,
All the people I meet
Say, “Hey, What’s your name?”
And I tell ’em…

Asked about Papa and Nonna’s arrival time.  Six times.

Complained about a cartoon that was interrupted by Daddy three days ago.

Well, hello Monday!


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