To Err is Human; Turning Errs into Outs is Sports

DOUBLE PLAY: a play in baseball in which two players are put out

If you are new to my t-ball musings you should start with my initial thoughts about “rookie” sports and then move on to my retraction.  If you’ve been tracking my t-ball musings we can just pick up where we left off.  I resisted.  I accepted.  Now it’s time for bragging.

Son made a double play at his last game.  I’ve got the photo to prove it:

Sure, the runner on first failed to run to second – making himself easy prey for the handsome first baseman.  And, yes, the batter enjoyed watching his hit roll across the field for a long while before he remembered to run.

But the important part is that Son is a stud.  That’s what I’ll remember.


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