CHAGRIN: disquietude or distress of mind caused by humiliation, disappointment, or failure

For months now, I’ve been looking at the “I have a dream” project on the wall at Son’s school.  The end of the phrase varied widely.  Some kids wished for an end to hunger.  Others wished for an end to homelessness.  Some wished for the people to stop eating animals.  One kid wished for less school.   

I couldn’t see the kids’ names on the papers, so I was left to guess which responses belonged to which kids.  I had a few likely suspects for the “less school” response.  None of whom were my son.

So, imagine my chagrin when this lovely preschool memento was sent home:


 Yep.  That was my kid.  Somewhere, Martin Luther King, Jr. is cringing. 

Looks like Daughter may be Husband’s best hope for another Columbia grad.


10 thoughts on “Chagrin

    1. It is funny. I laughed hard. It’s just that I laughed more easily when I thought it was someone else’s kid. The laughter is mixed with “oh, geez” now that I know it was my off-spring that shunned social justice issues personal free-time.

  1. Listen! I think I hear something. Wait, it may gather volume. 1950 is a long way to travel from.

    Phillip AKA eggsuckingpup

      1. I think it may be a word…”Summer.”


        PS Don’t you remember riding your bike home when the last day had come to an end? “No more teachers, no more books, no more”???? Remember how nice it was to have so much time off in front of you that your young brain just placed it on the same page as “infinity?”

        Perhaps the real issue for me was structure. Maybe hunting and gathering was a more sustainable path for humanity and agriculture was just an attractive exit on the road. With agriculture we could have LOTS of structure and insure a path to wherever it is we are apparently going.

        QUICK! Get that kid back into school. We are counting on him to clean up the human mess. Make it sound like a privilege.

        Stream of consciousness has it’s pitfalls.

  2. This is very funny! I know you saw our pollen one but did you see our anatomically correct noodle skeleton? Oh yes, That is a rotini pee-pee and macaroni “junk” and how can you not know the penis doesn’t have a bone in it? (spaghetti noodle) your dad is a bone doctor! It is a wonder they haven’t called us in for family therapy. Have to love these!

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