AWESOME: inspiring awe; terrific; extraordinary

Daughter’s preschool teacher has lots of adorable rhymes she does at circle time.  Daughter loves sitting right at Teacher’s feet, so I don’t get to hear her clearly from my place against the wall (I’m far too old to sit on the floor without back support). 

It wasn’t until she repeated one particular rhyme at home that I realized she had the words mixed up a little: 

“Dig a little hole.

Plant a little seed.

Cover it with dirt.

Pull a little weed.

Up, up, up…green stems climb.

Open wide…it’s AWESOME time!”

It should be “blossom” time, not “awesome” time. But, I’m not convinced she’s wrong.  Spring is awesome.  When the sun comes out after a long Seattle winter and the flowers bloom again it is indeed awesome. 

Blossom, awesome.  Po-tA-to, po-tah-to.   

I love spring!   I’m just going to let it go and embrace the new rhyme.


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