SACRIFICE: something given up or lost

I would give my children any organ they needed.  I would step in front of a car for them.  I would give them my last breath.  And yet, sometimes I fail to do the following less dramatic acts:

  • Laugh at their jokes.
  • Stop what I’m doing to respond to their requests to “Look!” or “Watch!”  
  • Play hide-and-seek…again.
  • Accept the extra laundry graciously when Son insists on changing into clothes that camouflage with our walls.  
  • Wait the extra two minutes it will take for Daughter to “do it myself!”

Giving them my life seems easy.  Giving them my time can be hard.


5 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Response to: “Giving them my life seems easy. Giving them my time…” AAAAmen Sister-in-motherhood!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this…at least I know I’m still doing some things right some of the time… 🙂

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