PLAN: a detailed formulation of a program of action; goal; aim

I’ve been exhausted all week (I know it’s only Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday by now).  Sunday night, I stayed up late working on a work deadline.  Ever since then, I’ve been behind and feel like I’m walking through the world one long blink away from falling asleep in public. 

So, my plan last night was clear.  Attend required meeting.  Talk some eager-eyed parents into taking over the two board positions I have been doing for Daughter’s cooperative preschool.  Put in a quick appearance at the spring social.  Then, go to bed.  And sleep.  Deeply.

That was the plan.  And, I started off on track.  New secretary.  Check!  New treasurer.  Check!  Arrive at social and select seat near end of table for easy exit.  Check!  But then things fell apart.

The other mom’s at Daughter’s school are hilarious and the conversation was engaging and light-hearted.  I forgot about being tired and thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth of humorous anecdotes.  I laughed hard for hours.  Three hours to be exact. 

I sit here this morning tired but happy.  Just thinking about portions of last night’s conversation makes me giggle.  There is something so incredibly comforting about hearing stories from other moms in the thick of raising children.  Despite the differences in families and children, it is remarkable how similar the experience of motherhood is.  It was so fun to share “tales from the front lines.” 

My body is tired, but my soul is renewed.


2 thoughts on “Plan

  1. Hey! Wanna share a couple o’ those stories? I’m always up for a giggle that lasts til the next day. And beyond hopefully!

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