RECONSIDER: to consider again especially with a view to changing or reversing

Last night was Son’s first T-ball game.  As you know from my previous post, I think that if you need to change the rules of a sport so that kids don’t cry it is a good indication that kids aren’t old enough to play.  

I was attending the T-ball game more out of obligation than inspiration.  However, I am forced to admit that I found the T-ball game delightful.  It was all the things I love about the circus, psychology experiments and comedy clubs combined in an outdoor venue just blocks from my house.

In the center-ring, we had the death-defying pitcher from the other team lying on the turf while our kids were batting.  I expected such bravery from outfielders, but seeing it from a pitcher exceeded my expectations.  In the side rings, we had teammate on teammate wrestling and sword bat jousting.   

There were kids running when they should stay put and staying put when they should run.  Foul balls provided entertainment and bruises for the children sitting right on the foul line.  The helmet/batting; glove/fielding correlation proved far too complex for five year olds.   Some kids remained focused regardless, others got distracted in the seconds it took to replace the ball on the tee after a strike. 

All in all, it was fantastic! 

As long as I think of it as entertainment and not a sporting event, I expect I’ll enjoy the season greatly.


4 thoughts on “Reconsider

  1. What a wonderful description of the t-ball game! This brought back so many memories for me…”Clump Soccer,” “Where the Hell Do I Go?? Triathlon,” and “When is it My Turn to Get the Puck Hockey,” to name a few. I think the best part of kids’ sports is the social aspect of it, both for the kids and the parents. It’s a great way to meet people with kids the ages of yours, and invariably, you find people with whom you have more in common than a staggering interest in t-ball!

    1. So far, we’ve avoided “Clump Soccer” but that is a very accurate description from what I’ve seen on our local field. My main objection to soccer is that it consumes precious weekends.

  2. After hearing your description of the T-ball game I may need to RECONSIDER this for myself! (and for the Kid)

    1. Or you could just give his friends speed on your next playdate, hand them all long metal tubes or wrenches, and ask them to stand still until you say it’s okay to move. It would be equally amusing/challenging… 🙂

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