XYLOPHONE: a percussion instrument consisting of a series of wooden bars graduated in length to produce the musical scale, supported on belts of straw or felt, and sounded by striking with two small wooden hammers

I recently wrote about the difference between quite and silence. I thought it was time to discuss different types of noise.  Not all noise is created equal.  Let’s talk about noise vs. nuisance. 

I was telling someone recently that we don’t allow noisy toys in our home. Upon further reflection, I realize that’s not really true. It is more accurate to say we ban synthetic noise. In our home, noise is welcome. But, it must be human generated.

Beat a drum.

Bang a cymbal.

Pound a xylophone.

Blow a recorder.

Yelp when you’re delighted.

Scream when you’re scared.

Shriek when you’re tickled.

Stomp your feet when you’re mad.

Laugh when you’re silly.

Wail when you’re sad.

Roar when you’re a dinosaur.

Howl when you’re a wolf.

Growl when you’re a bear.

But, please…NEVER push a button on a toy with batteries.

I can listen to banging and singing and pounding and roaring for hours. But a few minutes of repetitive, mind-numbing electronic toy voices or “music” (there should really be another term) are enough to fry my nerves.


6 thoughts on “Xylophone

  1. that reminds me when we brought and left our buzz light year toy phone thingie at your house. I remember you kindly notifing me that it had been placed on your porch to be picked up at my conveinence. oooops!

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