QUIET: marked by little or no motion or activity; calm; enjoyed in peace and relaxation; free from noise or uproar; still

Discerning the difference between quiet and silence is essential to surviving motherhood.

Quiet means children are focused.

Quiet means children are playing peacefully.

Quiet means children are sleeping.

Quiet means a cartoon is on.

On the other hand…

Silence means there is goo being spread somewhere in the house.

Silence means something rolled, stacked or organized is being unrolled, toppled or jumbled.

Silence means crayons or paint are being applied to a non-paper surface.

Silence means a child is pooping in an isolated corner.

Quiet is a treat. Silence is trouble.

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11 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Yes!! So true.
    I’ll also add that silence at nap time may not indicate sleep but rather a toddler having a ball in their room with an entire bottle of baby powder.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard so many funny (since they didn’t happen to me) stories about “silent” disasters today. Yours would be especially horrible for our one-bathroom house! I’ll keep my ears open for “speacial” baths…

  2. Very true! Luckily with an extremely extroverted and loud child I usually have no problem locating her in a crowd or worrying about silence in the house. I’m thinking of buying some of those over-ear sound mufflers you see worn by people working on an airport tarmac.

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