FEISTY: spunky, exuberantly frisky, having or showing a lively aggressiveness

I have a Daughter.  She is feisty.  I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.

The first time our genes met each other in the boxing ring known as my womb, Husband’s genes beat mine up in every round.  My blue-eyed genes received several left hooks from his brown.  My red hair received a powerful uppercut from his brown.  Brown genes are bullies.  After his physical attribute genes put mine in their place, Husband’s temperament genes continued to administer a sound licking.  In the end, Son emerged – a short version of Husband in nearly every way. TKO.

When the womb rematch known as Daughter came, my genes had finally had enough.  Sure they lost the first few physical attribute rounds, but they came back bruised and bleeding to score a few points in the temperament round.  She’s Husband on the outside but has a solid dose of her mother hiding beneath the surface.  Daughter’s unique combination of Husband’s physical attributes with my temperament has forced me to reconsider my some of my genetic theories.

Until this point, I’ve always believed there was a causal link between my feisty temperament and my red hair.  Red hair seems to me to be the physical manifestation of fire in a person’s belly boiling up and overflowing in flame-colored locks.  According to family lore, that’s the way it works.   Irish girls not lucky enough to be of the “black Irish” variety receive red hair.  Red hair is just one part of the Irish full-meal-deal that also includes pale skin, freckles, and a feisty temperament.  A la carte orders are not accepted.

As I aged and learned to loosen up a bit, my hair color “mellowed” to a less intense red.  This seemed to support my genetic theory and was consistent with family lore.   But lately, I’ve started to doubt the science.  The feisty brown-eyed/brown-haired specimen in my lab does not support my theory.

Perhaps the red hair/feisty connection is a random correlation and does not reflect causation.  Perhaps Daughter is an anomaly.  Perhaps Daughter has been secretly dying her hair without my knowledge.

Further research is needed…


5 thoughts on “Feisty

  1. Great post! My genes (dark hair/ brown eyes) got kicked in the teeth by husband’s green eyes and light brown hair. WTF?!?! How is that even possible!? I feel for you, but in a different way! 😉

  2. a truly great post, Marvelously Mundane! A la carte orders are not accepted…brilliant!
    My daughter resembles me in every way…physical attributes I am glad about but was hoping her temperament were more like her dad…if my girl turns into a certified PMSaurus like me then God help her!! BTW that was my very first post about…not to let my baby be anything like me.
    Well, I’ll keep seeing you around. Cheers!

    1. Thanks. I understand the fear of parenting yourself. Son is like Husband – easy, kind and charming. He makes me feel like a terrific mom. Daughter is more like me – she makes me feel like a mom who needs to read more parenting books.

      1. Well, let me know if there’s a parenting book on How Not To Make Your Kid Like You. I might need to chew it. It is seriously scary to see your reflection in them, especially the one that could crack the mirror.

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