INTERROGATE:  to question formally and systematically

Son: “Mommy, you wanna see this?”

Daughter: “Mommy, can you fix this?”

Son: “Mommy, can we play a game?”

Son: “When, later?  90-hundred hours?”

Daughter: “Mommy, can you turn the light on?”

Daughter: “Where’s my step stool?”

Daughter: “Please I have paper?

Son: “Mom?”

Daughter: “Can you kiss it?”

Daughter: “Is this your purse, Mommy?”

Son: “Is today Tuesday?”

Son: “Are Papa and Nonna coming today?”

Son: “Wanna see this paper airplane fly?”

Daughter: “Where’s Daddy?”

Son: “Which airplane do you think with go the farthest?”

Son: “Can we go to the helium store?”

Daughter: “Where are my socks?”

Son: “Can you get this Lego off?”

[Time elapsed: 5 minutes]


5 thoughts on “Interrogate

  1. Haha!! Love this post!! It’s the incessant questions that start with “Why?” “How come?” “What’s that?” twenty bazillion times a day that make me very happy to go to work in the morning and leave the answering of such questions to my husband, the stay-at-home-daddy!

  2. Oh God, I go through this ever since my little monster could say “Ma”…then it just shifted to “Ma, why…Ma, what…Ma, but….Ma, how….lol…
    I found it pretty fun initially but now its metamorphised a full-time mom into a full time PMSaurus…

    1. I know, I rememer waiting so anxiously for Daughter to say “Mommy.” Now, there are days where I wish I could remove that word from her vocabulary. Thanks for stopping by!

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