CONVENIENT: suited to personal comfort or to easy performance, affording accommodation or advantage, being near at hand

Sometimes the voices in my head don’t get along.  Work Me and Mommy Me feel differently about drive-through windows.

Work Me advocates policies that move cities away from auto-oriented development patterns.

Work Me lectures people on the importance of human scale buildings and prioritizing pedestrian access.

Work Me describes the health and social benefits of walkable neighborhoods.

Work Me cringes when vast seas of parking leave pedestrians without safe routes to building entries.

Work Me believes a ½ mile is a perfectly reasonable distance to walk for errands.

Work Me frets about the environmental impact of impervious surfaces.


Mommy Me dreads every errand that requires getting kids in and out of the car.

Mommy Me wishes the grocery store, library, and dry cleaner all had drive-through windows.

Mommy Me second-guesses the wisdom of snubbing big bank with drive-through ATM in favor of credit union with nothing but on-street parking.

Mommy Me appreciates that it is easy to find someone who will make you a latte while you idle in Seattle.


10 thoughts on “Convenient

    1. I know! It’s the times I only need milk and spend more time loading and unloading kids from the car than I spend in the store that I like the least.

  1. Great post!! I sometimes wish parks were automated. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fun to push my kid on the swing 4 billion times, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit on the park bench and watch.

  2. I always scoffed at the drive-through Starbucks. Really? It’s that hard to get out of your car? And it’s that much better to sit in the line at the drive through than to stand in the line in the store?

    Then one day I had a splitting headache in need of caffeine, and a sleeping baby in the back seat. And I realized the genius that is the drive-through Starbucks.

  3. I know I’m late to this post – but I had to add that in North Carolina we do have basically dive-thru grocery stores. You place your order on-line prior – then drive-up to a special lane, ring a buzzer, tell them who you are, and they will send someone out with your bagged order.

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