SHAMROCK: a trifoliate plant used as a floral emblem by the Irish

As a mother, sometimes I do foolish things.  They never seem foolish to me ahead of time, but hindsight usually brings into focus the obvious drawbacks I overlooked upfront.

For example, the time I attempted to be budget conscious by selecting a hostel instead of a hotel on a trip with Husband.  Needless to say, we were the only ones in the lobby with a baby in our backpack.  I realized the full extent of my foolishness when the man behind the check-in desk handed us our drink coupons and told us that the live band would start at nine o’clock.

Or, the adorable robot alarm clock I bought for Son before he understood that the hour hand passes each number TWICE each day… once during waking hours and the other during Mommy and Daddy’s sleep cycles.

The list goes on…  Sometimes I fail to think things all the way through to their logical conclusion.

[If Husband were writing this he would include an anecdote about the time I had a junior high youth group run a “Fruit of the Spirit” relay that included rolling oranges with their noses, passing apples using only their chins and chests, and running with bananas between their legs.  Yep.  I didn’t understand why there was so much giggling or why the boys kept asking whether the banana should point up or down.] 

I am prone to grand plans that are not tempered by my mother-of-two reality.  So, when I woke up this morning with an extensive list of things to get done before our Shamrock Shindig that clearly exceeded the amount of time I had allotted to accomplish the tasks on the list, I thought I was about to put another notch in my “stupid mommy” belt.

Was it really necessary to invite the entire class?  At what point did a 9 a.m. start time seem like a good idea?  Will my leaded glass windows survive this many cupcakes, cookies and Jello jigglers circulating through the blood of a class full of five year olds?

My panic only increased when the Seattle sky opened and ruined any hope I had of the children having an outdoor space to release their sugar-induced wiggles.

Luckily, in the midst of my adrenaline- and anxiety-fueled preparations, I realized that I needed to postpone the remaining food prep in order to free up time for a shower.  After all, it is more socially acceptable to be cutting cheese into shamrock shapes or assembling fruit skewers when guests arrive than to have the buffet ready but still be in your pajamas.

As frequently happens, I benefited from the kindness of my parenting comrades. The first parent to arrive finished assembling the fruit skewers while I made the Leprechaun Ale (green punch).  A dad arrived with the glue sticks I’d forgotten to purchase for the craft project.  A mom brought mimosa supplies.

In the end, the children and parents had a good time.  Toys were enjoyed.  Food was consumed.  Mimosas were sipped.  Cupcake and cookie crumbs were distributed high and low.  All windows remained intact.  The only toy casualty was a plastic horse…and that was broken by Daughter.

Okay, a tray full of green veggies was not the most kid-friendly way to drive home the color theme.  But, overall, I’m going to rule the Shamrock Shindig a success.


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