STANDPOINT: a position from which objects or principles are viewed and according to which they are compared and judged

I spent most of today in the kitchen preparing for the coming week.  Husband has a work potluck.  I am visiting friends in the hospital and attending Daughter’s monthly preschool meeting.  Son is hosting a Shamrock party.  All these events will benefit from home-baked goodness.

After dinner, I dropped a batch of peanut brittle onto our kitchen floor.  It shattered.  The reactions:

Me: “Darn it!”

Husband: “It’s okay.”

Son: “All right!”

Daughter: [silent]

For me, the shattered peanut brittle represented time wasted, sub-par platters of goodies, and a mess that needs cleaning.

For my husband, the shattered peanut brittle was an alarm notifying him that his calming influence was needed.  Over the years, he has witnessed many kitchen meltdowns and has learned that early intervention can prevent my irrational grown-up tantrums.

For Son, the shattered peanut brittle represented sugar within reach and available for consumption. In our house, cookies that are misshapen, overcooked or have made contact with the floor are called “Husband Cookies” and are fair game even when the rest of the batch is reserved for a particular event.  While the “Husband” moniker from our Before Children (BC) days remains, Husband no longer has exclusive rights to the rejects.  Son understands the rules and enthusiastically celebrated the reclassification of the peanut brittle that had, until that point, been off-limits.

For Daughter, the shattered peanut brittle was simply background noise not worthy of investigation.


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