BALANCE: stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical axis; equality between the totals of the two sides of an account; physical equilibrium; mental and emotional steadiness

One of my early bosses required anyone who used an acronym at a meeting to contribute a quarter to the snack kitty.  I would like to enforce a similar rule, with a slight modification.  Anyone who uses the word “balance” in a conversation with a mommy must finance her next hair cut or massage.  Sound fair?

It seems to me that balance is more complicated than equally distributing weight on each side of a vertical axis.  So many times, we talk about balance simply as the distribution of weight (or time) between work and home.  But, all the mommies I know have more than one axis to balance.  Balancing only the work/home axis ignores the mommy/spouse axis, family/friend axis, service/me-time axis, emotional fulfillment/intellectual stimulation axis, etc.

I think a diagram of a “balanced” life would look more like a wheel than a teeter-totter.  And, frankly, I think I have a flat tire.

The amount of air required to inflate the work/home and mommy/spouse portions of my wheel is resulting in damage to the rims in the friendship and service sectors.  And, I seem to have lost my me-time and intellectual stimulation hub caps a few miles back.

Go ahead, ask me about balance.  My hair is a disaster and I’ve got a severe kink in my neck.

I’d love to chat…


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. As a married guys, sans-kids, all I can say is, I can only imagine how difficult it becomes to balance. Already, it feels difficult to prioritize the needs (and opportunities) of family, work and school.

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