BASIC: fundamental, serving as the starting point

I’m not exactly sure how it happened. Clothes were on, cartoons watched, puzzles complete, inventions imagined, art work created. The clock in the kitchen said 9:22. I chugged the remainder of my coffee and started applying shoes to feet so that we would not exceed the “fashionable” window of tardiness for our playdate.

Daughter acquiesced to shoes, but started complaining that she was starving when I made a move to apply her coat. Son chimed in that his stomach was empty and he could eat the whole Earth. They are both prone to hyperbole, so I was inclined to dismiss their complaints…until I realized that I had completely failed to feed my children breakfast.  The most important meal of the day quickly deteriorated to a banana and cliff bar eaten in the car.

“Mommy forgot to feed us breakfast” was headline news at dinner. My husband looked appropriately concerned. At bedtime, it became clear that Son saw Mommy’s memory loss as a serious problem in need of a serious solution.

Along with my bedtime hug and kiss, I received this suggestion: “”Mom, you should write ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ on the white board so you don’t foget to feed us tomorrow.”

Nevermind an elaborate list of errands, playdates, work tasks, and pantry items that need replenishing. I’m now using a white board to remember to feed my offspring. Sometimes, you just have to return to the basics.


6 thoughts on “Basic

  1. I just did this! Except I had to share the information with daycare because both boys arrived there claiming they were starving. So not only did I have the mom-guilt of forgetting to feed my darling cherubs breakfast, but I also had the shame of a third party knowing of my offence.

  2. With four kids, two teenagers and two school age, I have on more than one occasion, assumed that if I am not at home over the breakfast or lunch hour on the weekend, the older ones would feed the younger ones. Of course they would, right? Wrong! And I have come home to my youngest daughter in tears…”Nobody made me anything to eat today!” And when I scolded my older ones for neglecting to feed their youngest sibling, they would say, “But you didn’t tell us to make her food.” I should have written it on our white board too!

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