MISS: to discover or feel the absence of

It is good to be missed. It is affirming to hear someone describe the hole you leave behind. It is especially sweet to hear words of appreciation from one’s spouse.

Husband sent me an email while I was away that made me feel loved. Even though I didn’t receive the email after my return, it still made me smile. I am relentless about purging emails, but I think I’ll hold on to this one a bit longer.  I’m going to let Husband do the writing for me today by posting a slightly edited version of his email.

Hi Wife,

If you are checking your email somewhere, know that your two wonderful children and your doting husband miss you VERY much. You have been gone less than 48 hours and I’ve already heard several great ideas from Son on implementing a “surprise welcome” for you. Many of these ideas will not work, as they would involve either 1) having our children stay up until 10:30pm or 2) rousing them out of bed when we drive into the driveway while you wait in the car before being given the high sign it’s OK to come in. Just know that Son, in particular, is coming up with creative ways to welcome you home.

Daughter expresses her missing you by asking “Where Mommy?” every 4 hours or so. I reply with the exact same answer I did the previous 4 hours. I had a chance to keep that 4-hour spacing overnight last night. The living room campout worked well for the kids sleeping through the night Saturday night, but last night was not so good. It does not matter that there is twice as much bed area for Daughter. She is a heat-seeking child and I was still balanced precariously on the edge of the bed this morning!

Needless to say, I miss you too. I don’t know how you do it. Every time I try to do something that does not involve crazy dancing, playing/refereeing children’s games, or chasing kids around the table, Son tells me that Mommy does all the non-kid play stuff during nap time. I’m certainly an imperfect substitute (though I suspect Son is exaggerating somewhat). I’m using some of that precious nap time to type this email missive to you….there are only a couple of hours before the craziness starts up again!




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