ASSUAGE: to lessen the intensity of something that pains or distresses

Daughter is extremely sensitive to beetle venom.  That would have been helpful information 24 hours ago when I was agreeing to a treatment option for the warts on her neck and chest.  Apparently, a typical reaction to the South American beetle venom treatment involves painless small blisters under the warts that pop and go away.  My fair-skinned Irish girl reacted with atypical screaming, nickel-sized blisters, and what looks like a second-degree burn down her neck.

After a tearful trip to the pediatrician and a stop at the drugstore for Neosporin and a sucker (see also: Appease), Daughter is marinating in numbing cream to ease the pain and prevent infection.  If only the drug store sold something to assuage the mommy guilt I feel for putting Daughter through this.


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