A Tale of Homework and Husbands


halloweenHusband and I tolerate the sugar highs and lows of Halloween with (enough) patience and (sometimes fake) smiles on our faces because we know that when the kids finally go to sleep we will reap our reward. Continue reading “A Tale of Homework and Husbands”

A Nightlight By Any Other Name

Red light

Last week, our family said goodbye to Roxanne. We’re still mourning.

Roxanne was the kids’ nightlight. She was a small, plastic lamp purchase at IKEA for five dollars. She served us well for nearly eight years. As you may have guessed from The Police song reference, Roxanne was a red light.

We miss her more than I thought it was possible to miss an inanimate object.

Roxanne was a small win in the bleary days of early parenthood. She gave off just the right amount of light to fend off monsters (for the kids) and avoid Legos on the floor (for the grownups). But mostly, Roxanne was proof that while the transition to parenthood had taken many things from us (e.g. freedom and free time), Husband and I still had our sense of humor. Continue reading “A Nightlight By Any Other Name”